Mission Statement
APPHO is a mentorship and philanthropic organization that works with students who plan on pursuing a career in the pre-health field. APPHO encompasses health fields like dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, optometry, physical therapy, and medicine. Our purpose is for students to join and discover exactly which specific profession appeals to them and assist them to the right path. We want our members to strive and reach their full potential in terms of academics and reaching out in the community while in pursuit of finding their careers. The passion involved in APPHO will become a support system to help students reach their career goals together, as a brother/sisterhood. As a brother/sisterhood, this organization is meant for students to gain opportunities, connections, and essentially become involved in a greek-life like setting in addition to catering in their education.

How it all Began
Aztec Professional Pre-Health Organization began in the spring of 2015 when a group of pre-health students decided that San Diego State University needed an organization that provided an inter-professional relationship amongst other pre-health students through a brotherhood/sisterhood. APPHO is dedicated to providing long-lasting relationships and memories while guiding members toward our shared goal of becoming health professionals.